Loyalty & Retention

When customers are happy, they come back.

Keep customers happy by giving them points they can redeem for custom rewards. Incentivize their actions by letting them earn points. 

Happy customers

How it works

1. Claim Offers

Create a variety of custom offers that incentivize your customers to engage in exchange for points.

2. Earn Points

Customers will engage by claiming offers and accumulate points. They'll want to come back and earn more.

3. Get Rewarded!

They come back again to redeem their rewards. Now they are happy, loyal customers!

Use points to motivate action

Give back to your customers when they do something for you. This creates a win/win situation by helping your business and keeping your customers happy.

Sharing Ideas


Offer more points to Incentivize customers to visit more frequently and spend more money at your business.


Increase your word-of-mouth advertising by giving points to customers who share your business on social media.


Online reviews can impact your business growth significantly. Reward customers who leave reviews and share their experience.

Product Marketplace

Check out our product marketplace for more awesome ways Bonfire Loyalty can help you create loyal customers and keep them coming back. 

Custom Reward System

Custom Rewards

With ultimate flexibility, create any custom rewards you want and set how many points it takes to claim. It could be a free meal, five dollars off the next purchase, or whatever will motivate your customers to keep coming back and earning more points.

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