Perfect Messaging With Pefect Timing

A perfectly-timed message to your customers is exactly what you need to boost your loyalty and customer engagement.

Work Smarter With Automation

There are critical moments in a customer’s journey that keep them engaged and feeling important. Using a series of automated triggers we make sure you reach them at the just the right time. Once you set it up, just sit back and let Bonfire Loyaty do the rest.

New Signup

When a customer signs up for your loyalty program, send them a welcome message that makes them feel welcome and glad they signed up. 

Birthday Club

Send your customers a customized birthday offer for their special day. Remembering someone’s birthday and sending a gift builds strong loyalty and brings them back.

Retention Campaigns

If customers haven’t engaged with your business in a while, our automation engine will trigger a message to nudge them to come back and visit. Sending a special offer will help too. 

Refer a Friend

Turn your best customers into promoters by incentivizing them to refer their friends for extra points. Our automation triggers will remind them to invite their friends. 

Featured Products

All strategically designed to attract new customers, build loyalty, and bring customers back.

Loyalty Program

Send automated birthday offers to customers so they spend their special day with you

Online Reviews

Improve your online reputation by inviting customers to share their experience online and leave a review

Drip Campaign

Set automated messages scheduled at critical times to help prevent losing at-risk customers

Birthday Club

Send automated birthday offers to customers so they spend their special day with you

Website Widget

An animated code snippet to engage with customers on your website to acquire new customers

Refer a Friend

Turn your customers into promoters by incentivizing customers with points to refer their friends (Coming Soon)

Check out the product marketplace for more details 

Product Marketplace

Check out our product marketplace for more awesome ways Bonfire Loyalty can help you create loyal customers and keep them coming back. 

Zero Risk

If you’ve been wanting to offer a loyalty program for your business, here’s your opportunity! With Bonfire Loyalty, there is zero risk. Sign up and give it a try. If you don’t like it, cancel at any time.

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